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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Number One Haunted Corn Maze for 2011…..

Don’t think we forgot about you Haunted Corn Maze!! According to the spot for number one haunted corn maze goes to the ‘Spookywoods Corn Maze” in High Point NC. It boasts the most massive maze in the United States with a number of cool attractions including;

House of Darkness
Enter the dark house of fun and fear.  Can you find your way out of our twisted imagination?
Prison Break
Jump aboard the tram and keep an eye out for the convicts. The woods are full of fugitives on the loose, they have taken control over the rail road and are plotting to derail the train.  Can your group stop these low life’s before they blow up the town?
Fright Lights
Hold on to your date, or any hot person near by.  It’s time to enter into Fright Lights. Find your way through our amazing laser light show where what looks like a tree might just be a slobbering monster!
Enter into the unknown world of Spookywoods. This fall we have created some of the most creative sets in our history.  Something new and very twisted awaits our loyal fan base. This attraction is not for the faint of heart, prepare yourself for the most shocking set we have ever created as you enter into the hornets nest. Caution, how long can you hold your breath?
Military Zombie Shoot-out
Kersey Valley is the first haunted attraction in the USA to use this state of the art laser tag interactive technology.  Grab your laser gun and make your way through the barracks, mess hall, fuel depot, medical tent and the ammo storage area as you shoot zombies with your laser gun!  There is also mission to take out a guard on top of the tower. The crawling zombies are the easiest to kill since they don’t shoot back, but watch out for the Sargent and Boss Zombies as they do shoot back. This year FEAR FIGHTS BACK!

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