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Monday, November 1, 2010

And the Plot Doth Thicken

Hold on to your EMF detectors, ghost seekers!

SCGS is continually trying to follow up on previous investigations. One of the investigations that has puzzled us has been the Fort Douglas Cemetery. There is a section of the cemetery where 12 German POWs are buried. We were unable to find out what happened...until now.

While looking at our new favorite website, we found the death certificates of some of the men killed on July 8, 1945. They all say that they died due to gunshot wounds. All were ruled as "Accidental", but later on, someone went in and underlined "Homicide". Double click on the image to make it bigger and easier to read.

Upon a little further investigation, we found that all of these men were killed in what is known as the Salina POW Massacre. According to Wikipedia:

The Salina, Utah, Prisoners of War massacre caused the death of nine German prisoners of war and the injury of 20 more.
The incident happened on the night of July 7–July 8, 1945, two months after the German surrender. Private Clarence V. Bertucci (September 14, 1921 - December 1969) returned to the camp from a night of drinking, and relieved the guard of the tower nearest the commanding officer's cabin. He proceeded to load and fire a .30 caliber machine gun into the German prisoners' tents. Within thirty seconds of the start, his belt of 250 rounds was expended. Nine were killed and 20 were injured.
Salina was the home of some 250 German prisoners of war (both from Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS) who were being used as workers on the local harvest. At the time of the incident the prisoners were waiting to be repatriated.
Bertucci was from New Orleans, Louisiana and had previously been convicted twice by court-martial for minor military discipline infractions; hence he was still a private even though he had enlisted in 1940. Due to his mental illness Bertucci spent some time at a New York mental institution. He was one of three Americans prosecuted for killing Axis POW's: the other two were related to the 1943 Biscari massacres in Italy. Bertucci died in December 1969.

This puts a new twist to the story. This story was so big that Times Magazine even did an article about it in 1945. We will be heading back to Fort Douglas soon to reopen this case and see if we can visit with the men that were killed under undeserved circumstances.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is Halloween, This is Halloween!

Happy Halloween ghost seeking friends!

SCGS decided that since it is that wonderful time of year and the best holiday by far, we were going to head to the Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Salt Lake City by the campus of the University of Utah. While searching, we came across the headstone of a beautiful young woman by the name of Cleo Zaharias. She was of Greek decent and was only 20 years old at the time of death.

Upon further investigation in the Utah State Archives, this young woman's death certificate was found. Utah state law allows death certificates over 50 years old to be viewed by the public. They have death certificates as far back as 1905-1959. They also have available the burial and cemetery records of all cemeteries in the state. Since Cleo passed away in 1940, we were able to find out more about her. She was a housekeeper at the general hospital and died from Uremia, or kidney failure, due to mercury poisoning. The officials and doctors ruled her death a suicide. The image of her death certificate can be seen here.

At the bottom of the head stone it read "Lover of Music". At this point, one of the SCGS crew asked if anyone could hear a piano playing "Mary Had a Little Lamb." We were unable to debunk this experience because there are no houses around this portion of the cemetery and there were not electrical devices with this sound on it. Did Miss Cleo decide to pay us a visit on this Day of the Dead? You be the judge.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween FUN

Spooktacular Times!A little Halloween trivia for you: Did you know that Snickers is the most popular treat? And one of the first things parents swipe from their kids treat buckets!

Another one for you: Did you know that 99% of all pumpkins grown are used for Jack-O-Lanterns at Halloween time. And over 2 billion dollars worth of candy is sold every year! That's a lot of Trick or Treating treats!

It's that awesome time of year again when we get to dress up in costumes, have our friends over and throw a party. Our yearly Halloween party was tonight. We had a great time with fun friends, ate some yummy food, grooved to some awesome tunes and played some interesting games. Thanks to all of you who came and partied with us!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Zombie Night Fun

We had a fabulous time with our Zombie Night…thanks to everyone who came out and joined us. We had some great prizes, really good food, and some AWESOME costumes.

Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming Halloween Bash on the 23rd of October.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Zombie Party….

Our first annual Zombie Party is tomorrow night! We are going to have games, prizes, food, and of coarse ZOMBIE MOVIES….. Please join us for a good time!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Elmer Lewis Gray (Lilly's Husband)

She was married to Elmer Lewis Gray (same as her maiden name) and his obituary adds additional information about Lilly.

Elmer Lewis Gray, 83, 1216 Pacific Ave. (440 South) died in a Salt Lake hospital Saturday at 12:30 p.m. after a long illness. Born March 12, 1881, Butler, Mo. Married Lilly Zimmerman, 1955, Elko, Nev. She died, 1958. Retired butcher. Survivors: brother, William, Golden, Colo. Funeral, Wednesday, 10 a.m., 36 E. 7th South, where friends call hour prior to services. Burial, Salt Lake City Cemetery. (Salt Lake Tribune, November 3, 1964)

Lilly’s husband was a petty thief… is an application for pardon that he submitted to the Utah State Government’s Board of Pardons in March of 1947. (It is so bazaar and helps prove that he was not completely sane.)

Lilly Edith Gray Update

We came across some extraordinary investigation work done by Richelle Hawks….(She has been investigating the Lilly E. Gray mystery for some time now. We added the link to her site for anyone who wants to look further into the case.

One of the interesting items that Richelle uncovered was the actual death certificate for Lilly…. One will notice that the dates and spellings are different from what is on her headstone.

Here is a copy of her obituary…

Mrs. Lily [sic] Edith Gray, 78, 1216 Pacific Ave., Died Friday, 11:10 a.m., in a Salt Lake hospital* of natural causes. Born June 4, 1880, Canada. Salt Lake resident since 1950. Married to Elmer Lewis Gray, July 10, 1952, Elko, NV. Survivors: husband; several nieces and nephews.

*Salt Lake County General Hospital that once stood at 21st South and State Street in Salt Lake City.hews. (Deseret News for Nov. 15, 1958, p. B5.)

Friday, October 1, 2010

2010 Ghost Tours

Its time for the Local Salt Lake and Ogden Ghost Tours!

Salt Lake Tour

Guided by a professional Storyteller, you will travel by bus to the great "haunts" of the City and learn about the ghosts who dwell in the historic buildings and cemeteries. All Salt Lake City tours begin behind The Rio Grande Building at 300 S. 500 W. Tours last approximately 1.5 - 2 hours.

In 2010, tours will run every Friday and Saturday night in October. We recommend that you reserve your tickets well in advance, however, if you don't have a reservation and you would like to go on the tour, remaining seats will be sold on a first-come, First-served basis at the time of each tour! Please call 1-801-529-4497 for reservations.

Ogden Tour

Guided by a professional Storyteller, you will travel by bus to the great "haunts" of the City and learn about the ghosts who dwell in the historic buildings and cemeteries. All Ogden tours begin at the parking lot North of the Union Station Tours last approximately 1.5 - 2 hours.

In 2010, tours will run every Friday and Saturday night in October. We recommend that you reserve your tickets well in advance. however, if you don't have a reservation and you would like to go on the tour, remaining seats will be sold on a first-come, First-served basis at the time of each tour. Please call 1-801-604-1218 for reservations.

Adult $18

Student/Senior $15

Child/Group (10+) $12

Bring a canned good for the Utah Food Bank and receive $1 off regular ticket price!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ghost Adventures

The wait is finaly over.... The new season of Ghost Adventurs starts tonight on the travel channel.

The GA Crew travels to Gettysburg, PA, site of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. While there, they attempt to make contact with dead soldiers, the sadistic woman who ran the town's orphanage and the ghosts of children she abused.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eureka Cemetery

While at the Eureka city Cemetery we did get some EVP work (those are being processes and will be posted soon).

One of the more interesting things that happened was near an old mausoleum belonging to John and Jessie Freckleton….

We were sensing something around us and our EMF meter began to spike. Now as always you have to take that for what its worth (However there were no electrical sources around the mausoleum).

When people are exposed to EMF fields they often feel dizzy or light headed…..and we were sensing something.
Some believe that spirits give off EMF emissions when communicating, and others argue that they use EMF to communicate. Either way when you get EMF spikes that can be an indicator of paranormal activity.


Our little band of paranormal investigators made our way out to the small (nearly ghost town) of Eureka Utah.

Eureka was originally known as Ruby Hollow before it developed into a bustling mining town. Incorporated as a city in 1892, Eureka became the financial center for the Tintic Mining District, a wealthy gold and silver mining area in Utah and Juab counties. The district was organized in 1869 and by 1899 became one of the top mineral producing areas in Utah. Eureka housed the "Big Four" mines—Bullion Beck and Champion, Centennial Eureka, Eureka Hill, and Gemini-and later the Chief Consolidated Mining Company.

Eureka's role as the central financial point for the district ensured its survival. It housed business establishments, financial institutions, local and county governmental buildings including Eureka City Hall (1899) and a Juab County Courthouse (1892), various churches, and the meeting places for numerous labor, social, and fraternal organizations. Mining entrepreneurs such as John Q. Packard, John Beck, Jesse Knight, Walter Fitch Sr., and others loomed as important figures in Eureka and Tintic history. In 1979 Eureka was placed in the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Tintic Mining District Multiple Resource Area, recognizing the importance of remaining buildings and sites

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Devils Night

The night before Halloween, October 30th, has traditionally been a night of pranks and mischief in much of the Midwest and some of the northeastern United States, as well as some parts of Canada. Devil's Night in Detroit can probably be traced back to mid-1880s Ireland, where the night of mischief was originally attributed to fairies and goblins. In the United States, the holiday morphed into a night of soaping windows and toilet papering (a verb) trees. In other words, October 30th was the “trick” to Halloween’s “treat” and gave suburban kids a night of rebellion and anarchy.

Mischief on October 30th

Region to region, the night has different names, but the activities remain very much the same: ringing doorbells, egging cars, dumping rotten produce and setting a bag of poop on fire. Camden, New Jersey calls the holiday Mischief Night, while other parts of New Jersey call it Cabbage Night. Cincinnati, Ohio calls it Damage Night, while other parts of Ohio call it Beggar’s Night. In other regions of the United States, it is known as Doorbell Night, Trick Night, Corn Night, Tick-Tack Night and Goosey Night. In Canada, it is known as either Gate Night or Matt Night.

Southwestern United States Doesn't Celebrate

As wide spread as the phenomenon seems to be, many parts of the United States, most notably states in the south and west, never heard of it and apparently reserve all their mischievous hijinks for Halloween.

Devil's Night in Detroit

In Detroit and much of Michigan, the night is known infamously as Devil’s Night, a moniker now eternally linked with widespread arson. Devil’s Night was once, however, just a different name for more of the same: mischief. In spite of the notoriety of Devil’s Night, Detroit is not the only region to experience an escalation from pranks to arson on October, 30th. Camden, New Jersey had its own period of Mischief-Night-related arson in the 1990s that easily rivaled Detroit’s.

Angel's Night

While Detroit ended the arson, as well as the more innocent mischief, through neighborhood patrols and simply changing the name from Devil’s Night to Angel’s Night, much of the United States still celebrates some type of prank-riddled night on October 30th. Miss the innocent side to the holiday in Detroit? Maybe a few local kids can help you out by decorating your yard with a few rolls of Charmin Spring Bounty toilet paper.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Shadow People

What are Shadow People, or shadow ghosts?? (This article has some good explinations)

Those who are experiencing and studying the shadow people phenomenon say that these entities almost always used to be seen out of the corner of the eye and very briefly. But more and more, people are beginning to see them straight on and for longer periods of time. Some experiencers testify that they have even seen eyes, usually red, on these shadow beings.

The mysterious sightings have become a hot topic of conversion in paranormal chat rooms, message boards and websites, and it is given widespread attention on paranormal talk radio.

What are shadow people and where do they come from? Several theories have been offered.


The explanation we get from skeptics and mainstream science - and who are usually people who have never experienced the shadow people phenomenon - is that it is nothing more than the active human imagination. It's our minds playing tricks on us... our eyes seeing things in a fraction of a second that aren't really there - illusions... real shadows caused by passing auto headlights, or some similar explanation. And without a doubt, these explanations probably can account for some if not many experiences. The human eye and mind are easily fooled. But can they account for all cases?


To call these entities ghosts demands first a definition of what we mean by ghosts. But by almost any definition, shadow people are somewhat different than ghost phenomena. Whereas ghost apparitions are almost always a misty white, vaporish or have a decidedly human form and appearance (very often with discernable "clothing"), shadow beings are much darker and more shadow-like. In general, although the shadow people often do have a human outline or shape, because they are dark, the details of their appearance is lacking. This is in contrast to many ghost sightings in which the witness can describe the ghost's facial features, style of clothing and other details. The one detail most often noted in some shadow being sightings are their glowing red eyes.


The dark countenance and malevolent feelings that are often reported in association with these creatures has led some researchers to speculate that they may be demonic in nature. If they are demons, we have to wonder what their purpose or intent is in letting themselves be seen in this manner. Is it merely to frighten?


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brains Anyone?

Nothing says “Happy Halloween” like a nice plate of brains and nothing compliments a Zombie Party like brains….after all most zombies are misunderstood. They don’t want to hurt you; they just want to eat your brains!

We found this awesome jello mold at, but most Halloween stores will carry these.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

El Dia De Lost Muertos

Here is some information on El Dia De Los Muertos…The Day of The Dead. This is the Mexican tradition for what we call Halloween!

At first glance, the Mexican custom of El Día de los Muertos — the Day of the Dead — may sound much like the U.S. custom of Halloween. After all, the celebration traditionally starts at midnight the night of Oct. 31, and the festivities are abundant in images related to death.

But the customs have different origins, and their attitudes toward death are different: In the typical Halloween festivities, death is something to be feared. But in el día de los muertos, death — or at least the memories of those who have died — is something to be celebrated.

El día de los muertos, which continues until Nov. 2, has become one of the biggest holidays in Mexico, and celebrations are becoming more common in areas of the United States with a large Hispanic population. Its origins are distinctly Mexican: During the time of the Aztecs, a monthlong summer celebration was overseen by the goddess Mictecacihuatl, the Lady of the Dead. After the Aztecs were conquered by Spain and Catholicism became the dominant religion, the customs became intertwined with the Christian commemoration of All Saints' Day on Nov. 1.

Specifics of the celebration vary with region, but one of the most common customs is the making of elaborate altars to welcome departed spirits home. Vigils are held, and families often go to cemeteries to fix up the graves of their departed relatives. Festivities also frequently include traditional foods such as pan de muerto (bread of the dead), which can conceal a miniature skeleton.


Punch Bowl Idea's

Ok, ok, ok…..I don’t usually put much stock in Martha Stewart…But I will admit that her Halloween show (and magazine) does have some pretty good ideas for your Halloween parties.Here is a cool punch bowl idea that comes from the Martha Stewart website (

Ice Face and Hands How-To

1. Using duct tape, tape up all of the mask's orifices, such as the nostril holes, inside and out. Place the mask face-down in the plastic container, stabilizing the mask in place with the packing material.

2. Using the food coloring, dye about 3 cups of water light green (this should require only about one drop of the coloring). Pour the mixture into the mask, filling it about halfway.

3. Lay the gummy worms as desired around the head of the mask, creating Medusa's hair and using clothespins to hold them in place. Freeze the mask, at least overnight.

4. To create the hands, fill the latex gloves with water (one glove holds about 1 1/2 cups water, so you'll need about 3 cups for both). Using rubber bands, tie the gloves at the wrists to seal them shut. Place the hands flat on a sheet pan covered with parchment paper, to prevent them from sticking. Freeze the hands, at least overnight.

5. Remove the mask from the container, remove the face from the mask mold, and remove the hands from the gloves. (They should come out easily, but if not, place the hands and face in another container filled with room-temperature water to loosen them from the molds.) Turn the face upside-down to reveal the green face with worm hair.

6. Prepare the punch of your choice (Martha uses lemonade and ginger ale), gently slide the face into the punch, and add the hands -- one on each side, palms facing up.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Halloween Food

What is a Halloween party without good food??? We came across this awesome blog site ( and the author has some wonderful food recipes for your Halloween party….You have to check them out!! (Click on the title Halloween Food and it will take you to the blog)

Ghost Tours

Ghost tours are a fun and interesting way to find out about local haunted places. Salt Lake has a few of these ghost tours (and while you may not have any of the hair raising experiences that the Ghost Seekers have….its a fun and exciting way to get involved in the ghost hunting experience.)

This is one of our local tours that I would suggest giving a call when the month of October rolls around….(It will be here before you know it)..

SLC Ghost Tours, 1-801-529-4497

Zombie Virus

Stay tuned for more information on how to beat the Zombie Virus

First Annual Zombie Night

The Ghost seekers will be hosting it's first annual Zombie Night....We will keep you posted on the detials


For all of you who love halloween as much as us Ghost seekers here is an awesome website to check out! (Clcik on the title....Halloween above)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Investiagational Review

Last night a really good friend of mine (who happens to work in radio, and understands sound files much better than I)... Came over and we were reviewing some of the older case files. In the course of the evening he happened to pick up on something that we missed in an earlier review session. (Thes session took place 10-16-09)

Listen the recording, you will hear our voices saying there are some older headstones over here…..but listen carefully in the background…you hear a very distinct voice saying No Sh*T. I will then loop this section so you can hear it a few times. As always please take it for what its worth and let us know what you think.

Thanks Tysen!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

We are re-planning our trip to Ft. Douglas. Last time we went we really had a good investigation going (until all the equipment failed)…. Stay tuned for the outcome of that re-investigation.

If any of you know of more good places to research please drop us a line in the comment section and we will try to check it out.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ft. Douglas

We had a tremendous time last night at the Ft. Douglass cemetery! We discovered WWI and WWI German, Italian, and Japanese graves. During our investigation the lights went out at the near by Fort…a huge storm blew in and thing got crazy. Branches were flying, rain was falling and two huge owls were watching us. (As a side note…..Oral traditions in most American Indian tribes associate owls with death soon-to-come, and an owl is typically the bearer of the deceased's soul as it passes from this world to the next.) We had a guest investigator who had a great time, and the storm added that ambiance that makes investigating a thrill.

We got these pictures (where the orbs have trials denoting movement). As we have stated time and time again….Take the Orb phenomenon with a grain of salt. There are many that don’t believe in them…BUT there are many that do.

The only down side to this investigation…..Both of our digital recorders produced unreadable data. It is rather odd that both devices would decide to malfunction, but either way we have no audible data from the investigation.

We will be revisiting this site because it was very interesting!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP)

Information taken from Wikipedia on the EVP phenomenon.

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are electronically generated noises that resemble speech, but are not the result of intentional voice recordings or renderings. Common sources of EVP include static, stray radio transmissions, and background noise. Some have claimed these sounds are of paranormal origin, while there are natural explanations such as apophenia (finding significance in insignificant phenomena), auditory pareidolia (interpreting random sounds as voices in their own language), equipment artifacts, or simple hoaxes. Recordings of EVP are often created from background sound by increasing the gain (i.e. sensitivity) of the recording equipment.


As the Spiritualism religious movement became prominent in the 1840s–1920s with a distinguishing belief that the spirits of the dead can be contacted by mediums, new technologies of the era including photography were employed by spiritualists in an effort to demonstrate contact with a spirit world. So popular were such ideas that Thomas Edison was asked in an interview with Scientific American to comment on the possibility of using his inventions to communicate with spirits. He replied that if the spirits were only capable of subtle influences, a sensitive recording device would provide a better chance of spirit communication than the table tipping and ouija boards mediums employed at the time. However, there is no indication that Edison ever designed or constructed a device for such a purpose. As sound recording became widespread, mediums explored using this technology to demonstrate communication with the dead as well. Spiritualism declined in the latter part of the 20th century, but attempts to use portable recording devices and modern digital technologies to communicate with spirits continued.

Raudive voices

Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian psychologist who had taught at the University of Uppsala, Sweden and who had worked in conjunction with Jürgenson, made over 100,000 recordings which he described as being communications with discarnate people. Some of these recordings were conducted in an RF-screened laboratory and contained words Raudive said were identifiable. In an attempt to confirm the content of his collection of recordings, Raudive invited listeners to hear and interpret them. He believed that the clarity of the voices heard in his recordings implied that they could not be readily explained by normal means. Raudive published his first book, Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead in 1968 and it was translated into English in 1971.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Wikipedia describes a mausoleum as follows; A mausoleum is an external free-standing building constructed as a monument enclosing the interment space or burial chamber of a deceased person or persons. A monument without the interment is a cenotaph. A mausoleum may be considered a type of tomb or the tomb may be considered to be within the mausoleum. A Christian mausoleum sometimes include s a chapel.

Some believe that a mausoleum will not allow the deceased to truly rest because the body is not below ground. They also say that many of the spirits of those who are laid to rest in them will spend eternity roaming the cemetery trying to find a way out.

These may all be myths, but this is another one of those items that we wish to study more.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Emos' Grave...Report

Legend states, that if you circle Emo's grave three times and chant Emo, Emo, Emo, you can look into the door of the mausoleum and see Emo's face looking back at you. We tried it....and there was no such result. This is the grave of Jacob Mortiz and the urn inside was shattered years ago by vandals. The Emo thing is a busted myth!

Lilly E. Gray

Lilly E. Gray died in Salt Lake City Utah, November 14th, 1958 she was 77 years old. She is buried in the Salt Lake Cemetery (down town) and supposedly died of natural causes. Her headstone has opened up one of the biggest mysteries in Salt Lake history. No one knows who had this inscription placed on her headstone....and no one can seem to find anything out about this mysterious woman.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Here We Go Again!

Hello fans!

We will be heading out again for a new hunt next Friday! We will be having a special guest investigator coming with us to re-visit Copperton's Bingham Cemetary. It's just off of the Old Bingham Highway by the Oquirrh Mountains. This cemetary was for the old town of Bingham and is where many miners and their families are buried. We have found some visitors there before, including EVPs, orbs and an apparition. So stay tuned and we will post our results soon.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Door Closing

January 30th, 2010

We were finishing up an investigation at a home where there were reports of doors closing, and footsteps in the hall. I asked my guest investigator to take a few more pictures....Then you will hear a door close, and what sounds like footsteps.. We did not hear the door slam, or the footsteps until we got back to the office and reviewed the data. As always, take these for what they are worth and let us know what you think.

Maybe Happens When

January 30th, 2010

We were doing an investigation in a home where people had heard strange banging noises, and unexplainable sounds. I was with a guest investigator and we were talking about when the noises might be heard. She says.."maybe they happen when".... and you hear and unexplanable thump. Please note that we did not hear the thump at the time.... it was only captured on our EVP. Tell us what you think.


January 30, 2010

This was a really odd EVP recording. Myself and a guest investigator were at the Copperton Cemetery (on our way to investigation). When we decided to stop so that I could show here were we had gotten a number of other EVP's. You can hear three distinct voices in this recording....the first one is an unknown entity saying something about a "Bottle" then you hear me say "bottle"...I was responding to my guest investigator about not having a water bottle. Then you hear a very distinct Sigh.....Tell us what you think!


November 4th, 2009

One of the more chilling EVP's we have had....Andy was actually about 50 feet away from me taking pictures in the Copperton Cemetery when in the silent night air we captured this EVP..we believe the entity is calling for "Andy". Let us know what you think.

Let Me Alone

November 4th, 2009

Andy and I were on our way out of the Copperton Cemetery when we asked one last time if ther was anyone trying to make contact with us. We got this EVP as a direct response....we think it says "Let me alone", in a british accent. What do you think?


November 4th 2009,

This also comes from the Copperton Cemetery, Andy and I were commenting on a "Glow in the dark" cross that had startled us...when we got this EVP. You can hear Andy say.."About the same" .....then we believe the Entity says..."Babasia" and you can hear me say "Hugh". We did some research on Bebesia, and it turns out to be a flesh eating bacteria, and an Old World city. Was this entity trying to tell us where it was from, or how it died. Please give us your feedback!

Let's See What it Does

November 4th 2009

This investigation comes from the Copperton Cemetery. Andy and I were trying to change his camera to the night vision setting. I had asked Andy if he had the settings right when we got this EVP....we think the entity is saying..."Lets see what it does". Tell us what you think!

Laying Here Beside Me

October 16, 2009
Andy and I, (along with a guest investigator) were at the Copperton Cemetery, near the old Bigham Copper Mine and we saw a strange red glow near these two headstones…(further investigation proved it to be the reflection off of a radio tower in the distance). We were asking questions in this very location and our guest investigator asked if there was anyone here with us. This EVP was recorded in direct response to her question. We believe the entity is saying, “Laying here beside me” or perhaps “Lay here beside me”. Please let us know what you think!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A New Start

Hello fans of the paranormal!

We have finally found a place to have our blog. We will be posting our adventure finds and other fun stuff to this blog as we get out there. This group was started in 2009 after realizing that the three of us, Jeremy Gates, Andy Gates and myself, Holly Gates-Rohde, had all been curious about the world around us and the thin veil that separates us from our dearly departed. So...stay tuned and we will get things up soon.