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Monday, November 7, 2011

Under New Management……

The Salt City Ghost Seekers are undergoing some pretty exciting changes. We are renovating the site, and renovating the team!! This site will be closing soon, so please find us under our new name… and new location

~Paranormal Illumination Society~

We want to thank everyone for three wonderful years, and also want to say....Don't think of this as goodbye, but rather HELLO to a new adventure...

Monday, October 31, 2011

*Support Your Local Haunted Attractions*….

We have highlighted a number of really cool haunted attractions this month, spanning the nation to bring you highlights from some of the biggest and best haunted attraction around.  Now that the big day is here…Halloween… we urge you to go out and support your local Haunted Attractions.

We will be heading out to the brand new “FearFactory SLC” this evening….Despite a late start and rocky opening we are SUPER impressed with what they have been able to pull off…

Located at 666 W. 900 S. in SLC, Utah…we will see you tonight! (Please join us)!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Number One Haunted Corn Maze for 2011…..

Don’t think we forgot about you Haunted Corn Maze!! According to the spot for number one haunted corn maze goes to the ‘Spookywoods Corn Maze” in High Point NC. It boasts the most massive maze in the United States with a number of cool attractions including;

House of Darkness
Enter the dark house of fun and fear.  Can you find your way out of our twisted imagination?
Prison Break
Jump aboard the tram and keep an eye out for the convicts. The woods are full of fugitives on the loose, they have taken control over the rail road and are plotting to derail the train.  Can your group stop these low life’s before they blow up the town?
Fright Lights
Hold on to your date, or any hot person near by.  It’s time to enter into Fright Lights. Find your way through our amazing laser light show where what looks like a tree might just be a slobbering monster!
Enter into the unknown world of Spookywoods. This fall we have created some of the most creative sets in our history.  Something new and very twisted awaits our loyal fan base. This attraction is not for the faint of heart, prepare yourself for the most shocking set we have ever created as you enter into the hornets nest. Caution, how long can you hold your breath?
Military Zombie Shoot-out
Kersey Valley is the first haunted attraction in the USA to use this state of the art laser tag interactive technology.  Grab your laser gun and make your way through the barracks, mess hall, fuel depot, medical tent and the ammo storage area as you shoot zombies with your laser gun!  There is also mission to take out a guard on top of the tower. The crawling zombies are the easiest to kill since they don’t shoot back, but watch out for the Sargent and Boss Zombies as they do shoot back. This year FEAR FIGHTS BACK!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Best Haunted Attraction Website for 2011….

Ok boys and girls, this was a VERY difficult one indeed…. There are so many really good haunted attraction websites out there, some are scary, some are funny, some are a total assault on the senses and some just tell a really good story! Sooooo we have come up with a two first place winners, (because it was just too hard to pick an absolute favorite). These two sites combine the best of all worlds, they are creepy, they are well put together, and they are entertaining all at the same time. Check them out, explore the links, and have fun!!

Dead Acres…(In Pataskala, Ohio)
“We set out to stand out: Dead Acres is a full sensory assault. Taking you by the throat and dragging you down the rabbit hole and into the realm of heart pounding in your face horror show….”

House of Shock…(New Orleans, Louisiana)

So if The House of Shock was too intense for you before... Now you can come out to enjoy the festival and watch all of your friends, family and total strangers get the $#!T scared out of them! There is no better entertainment than that!....”

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Best Haunted Attraction Promo for 2011…..

We have been reviewing the 2011 haunted attraction promo's from all over the nation. Some have been really well done, and believe me when I tell you some of them just plain stink…

What people in the haunting business (who make a name for themselves and are successful) have realized is that you have to market your product successfully. You may have the very best haunted attraction in the nation, but if you don’t market it well, and you do a poor job presenting yourself to the public, no one will come to see you.

It was a tough decision but we felt this years best Haunted Attraction Promo was The Headless Horseman Hayride and Haunted House in Ulster Park, New York..!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Exorcism of Annelise Michel…

~Anneliese Michel
(September 21, 1952 – July 1, 1976)~

(WARNING: This audio File is VERY DISTURBING in nature)…. It is actual audio footage from the REAL exorcism and should only be listened to by consenting persons.

Quite easily the most controversial exorcism of all times …. This is the real life story that the movies “Requiem” 2006 and “The Exorcist of Emily Rose” 2005 are loosely based on.

Anneliese was born in Bavaria Germany to a strict Catholic family. At age 16 she began having convulsions and was diagnosed with epilepsy. She soon began having hallucinations, and suffered from depression, and also began hearing voices in her head.

She was admitted to a psychiatric treatment hospital but her depression and overall condition did not improve. She was given various anti psychotic medications (and many specialists believed that this would help her condition).

Anneliese and her family became convinced that she was suffering from demonic possession and during a ten month period from 1975-1976 some 76 exorcism sessions took place. Once the exorcisms began (and at her own request) the doctors and medication were no longer used.

On July 1st 1976 Anneliese died in her sleep. The autopsy report stated cause of death as malnutrition and dehydration….she only weighed 68 lbs. at the time of death.

Two years later the priest and her parents were pronounced guilty in a court of law of manslaughter resulting from negligence.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Doppelganger Apparitions, A Controversial and Hot Topic….

The word Doppelganger comes from German Folklore (Double Walker) is what the word literally means, and it refers to a paranormal double of a living person.

Here is where it gets a bit muddy….Some sources say it is an evil apparition that takes on your form (and the only entities that can do that are usually demonic in nature). Other sources say it is strictly an omen of death, if you see your Doppelganger it is the ‘grim reaper’ looking back at you, and will die shortly.

I have heard of instances however where people see themselves in past form (they see themselves in a residual haunting) meaning something that happens over and over with or without anyone noticing. And that is ALWAYS attached to a horrific event in the past. This however is not a TRUE Doppelganger, because you are not seeing yourself here and now.

The only way they have enough energy to move across the room, or turn on the faucet is if the are a very in-tune sprit, or if they are demonic in nature. A really strong ghost can move things (small things) turn on lights, etc. Only a demonic spirit can move heavy objects and hurt someone.

This is supposedly done by the manipulation of energy around the spirit. They take the energy (and negative energy is very strong) and use it to manipulate things around us.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photographing the Paranormal…..

One of our favorite “HOT” topics is catching the paranormal in photographs. I am sure many of you have taken a picture (more so in the past when you actually used FILM) and when it was developed you found odd light sources, and distorted faces. The question is; are these REALLY paranormal apparitions, or are they just defects in the film? Are they sprits, or are they just distortions of light?

The most common paranormal occurrences caught on film are;
  • Orbs
  • Vortexes
  • Ectoplasm
  • Shadow Ghosts
We have captured numerous orbs on our investigations, and I will agree some are dust, BUT I will also argue some are very debatable! Take this photo for example, taken on a calm evening with no wind… The light orb is in motion, and it appears to moving upward. Is it a bug, is it dust? Some would argue that it is…. I feel differently about this one. This orb was caught on film at the same time we cough the Edward Parr EVP.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Haunting in Pennsylvania….Help us Decipher These EVP’s….

A really good friend of the SCGS came to us earlier this year with concern that her home may be haunted. We went back and forth on a number of possibilities and when we finally came to the conclusion that SOMETHING was going on, she decided to have her home investigated. Because she is on the other side of the country she had a local group perform the investigation.... (We would have loved to do it ourselves).

After the investigation she sent the evidence back to us so we could analyze it. We spent hours reviewing the EVP’s and felt like we came up with some good ideas of what was being said.

We would really like for YOU to listen to these EVP’s and tell us what you think is being said. We will post our response later on this month, but this is your chance to be a ghost hunter and help us processes this data.

You may need to turn the volume up to hear these.....

Edwin G. Parr EVP

We were doing an investigation at the Salt Lake Cemetery and upon asking if there was anyone around us who wanted to say anything we got this chilling EVP….

Upon further investigation, we found out that an Edwin G Parr died of pneumonia at age 13 and was buried in the Salt Lake Cemetery on June 10, 1906.   We are not decided if the EVP is saying Edward, or Edwin....(let us know what you think it says)...