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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ft. Douglas

We had a tremendous time last night at the Ft. Douglass cemetery! We discovered WWI and WWI German, Italian, and Japanese graves. During our investigation the lights went out at the near by Fort…a huge storm blew in and thing got crazy. Branches were flying, rain was falling and two huge owls were watching us. (As a side note…..Oral traditions in most American Indian tribes associate owls with death soon-to-come, and an owl is typically the bearer of the deceased's soul as it passes from this world to the next.) We had a guest investigator who had a great time, and the storm added that ambiance that makes investigating a thrill.

We got these pictures (where the orbs have trials denoting movement). As we have stated time and time again….Take the Orb phenomenon with a grain of salt. There are many that don’t believe in them…BUT there are many that do.

The only down side to this investigation…..Both of our digital recorders produced unreadable data. It is rather odd that both devices would decide to malfunction, but either way we have no audible data from the investigation.

We will be revisiting this site because it was very interesting!!!

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